For more than 30 years, the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Reno has been offering support services - free of charge - to young people who find themselves dealing with an unexpected pregnancy.  While it is a woman-friendly center, it's the man at the helm who is a Someone 2 Know.

Many people would describe Otto Kelly as a “man's man” yet he helps girls and women at their most fragile - and makes sure the guys know they belong there, too.

When we step inside the older, converted house in midtown we see a small group has gathered in the living room. There’s laughter, camaraderie and men... not exactly what you would expect to see at a pregnancy center. 

But, this is no ordinary place and no ordinary leader.

"When I walked through the doors and I became the executive director here,” says Kelly, “I noticed that young ladies and even young men, were kinda taken aback when they saw what they consider to be a masculine figure.”

Otto Kelly still looks very much like the football player he was in the 80's when he was a fullback at the University of Nevada, Reno.  He's masculine, but he's also a man of God. As a matter of fact, most people know Kelly - as Pastor Otto.

He and his team begin every day with prayer. They meet upstairs in a quiet room. On this day, Kelly leads; “Father we realize that in and of ourselves we don't have anything other than you to give them." Within a few minutes the group is ready to face their clients and the day ahead.

Kelly has been a pastor for decades. "I went through the process of going through pastor school and worked with juvenile services for 12 years,13 years as a gang specialist.”

Kelly admits he never planned to work at the center, yet here he is - every day - helping young women and men who are facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Ryan Lenfestey is a client; "... there’s kinda a negative stigma having a child and being young and things like that so it's kinda nice to have a place where you can kinda come and be like, this is what I'm scared about, this is what I need help with and have people that want to help you."

Kelly created The “Daddy Academy”  to help the men on the other end of the pregnancy equation.

When Kelly was just 13 years old, he lost his own father to cancer. In anger, he turned to God.

Kelly recalls the conversation he had with God that day. "You could've healed him. You're supposed to be almighty and all this - You could've healed him. Because he's not here - then You're my dad. You're gonna be my dad".

Pastor Otto says God put father figures in his life who taught him how to serve others, something he puts into practice every day at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. "Our heart is to come under and serve them and to give them an educated perspective on everything, when it comes to pregnancy and that kind of stuff, when it comes to fatherhood - all of the above," says Kelly.

Ryan, who now has a four-year-old son really values the time he’s spent with the Daddy Academy and Otto. "He’s not here to judge you, but to help you out if he can, and he usually can."

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