A bill proposed that would have limited the ability of law enforcement and government agencies from enforcing immigration laws will not be moving forward in its current form. 

Senate Bill 223 was sponsored by Senator Cancela, a democrat from Las Vegas, who tells us that while the sponsors of the bill aren't "giving up", "SB 223 is not moving forward in its current amended form."

Senator Cancela issued a statement saying in part, "The reality is, what was a moderate bill to protect local law enforcement from doing federal immigration work and would have been amended to codify their current status quo policy on not asking for immigration status into state law, became inundated with misinformation and politicized with fear....Of course I'm disappointed. I worked hard to try and find a good compromise. Law enforcement did a tremendous job at being transparent with data and sharing ideas. I believe our state's officers truly have the interest of protecting Nevada as their guiding principle. It's clear there is a commitment from law enforcement to regularly host town halls and share accurate information. I plan on working with them on this."

Senate Republican leader Michael Roberson was opposed to the sanctuary state bill. In a statement he wrote, "Today is a victory for Nevadans and for keeping our communities safe. I made the defeat of the sanctuary state bills my top priority and neither bill even received a legislative hearing. However, despite today's news, I will remain vigilant and will fight against any effort to resurrect this legislation before the end of the session.  But for now thank you to everyone who let their voice be heard."

The bill could still be resurrected between now and the end of the legislative session on June 6th. Until then both parties have the ability to exempt certain bills from deadline with a majority. Senator Cancela also wrote that she is continuing to work with stakeholders and "will do everything [she] can to fight for our immigrant families."

KTVN's Paul Nelson reported on SB 223, you can watch that story here.