The Truckee-Carson Irrigation District says repairs continue on the Lahontan Dam near Fallon. 

In fact, the TCID says crews will pour new concrete on Tuesday morning. A representative says the goal is to have the outlet operating in a few days, depending on how fast the concrete hardens.

The TCID built a $600,000 spillway along the V Line Canal, west of Fallon. Water is already being released from the Lahontan Dam. The water will flow into the desert, south and west side of Fallon. It will flow into the Carson Lake and pasture, eventually heading to the Carson Sink.

The plan is being implemented to reduce the risk of flooding for Fallon residents, along the Carson River. 

As of right now, the TCID says the water intake matches the amount released, but once the dam is repaired, crews will increase the outtake to 2,800 cubic feet per second. Normally, about 1,000 cfs is released from the dam because of the snowpack.