The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents to be cautious with door-to-door solicitors, especially contractors who are seeking payment to fix issues related to flooding.

They say these suspects can appear friendly, but can also use high-pressure or scare tactics such as demanding payments in cash, being reluctant to provide a written contract, and increasing the price after the project is under way or completed.

Authorities say that while some solicitations are legitimate, others sell damaged and overpriced goods or may even be scouting homes for future burglaries.

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office says if you have any concerns to call them at 328-3001.

Following are some guidelines from the Washoe County Sheriff's Office on how to help protect you and your family from illegal solicitors:

  • If you don’t know the person, don’t open the door. Never feel obligated to greet an unfamiliar person knocking at your door.
  • Always keep doors and windows locked. Storm doors or security doors are helpful when dealing with solicitors, because you can see and speak safely through the door. Never allow an unfamiliar person into your house.
  • Solicitors must have a business license and permit. Call your local law enforcement agency if a solicitor is aggressively attempting to get into your home or refusing to show their license/permit.
  • Don’t expect all perpetrators of door to door sales scams to look the part. Some are clean and well dressed and use special psychological techniques to try to get into your home or get your money.
  • Always use extreme caution before providing any personal or financial information.
  • If you are not interested, simply close the door and lock it. You don’t owe the person an explanation.
  • Stand in front of your home to see what is visible from the street. If you can see your valuable items through the front windows, so can potential burglars.
  • Residents can put a “no solicitors” sign on their door to help keep solicitors away.
  • If you observe criminal or suspicious activity, call non-emergency dispatch at 832-WCSO (9276)