From the Nevada Senate Democrats:

CARSON CITY - Today, the Nevada Senate Democrats announced that the week of March 13th would be Children’s Advocacy and Education Week in the Nevada State Senate. Bills relating to the health and well-being of children and improving K-12 public education will be introduced, heard, and voted on this week.

“We’ve made important investments in public education, but we have more work to do to keep our promise to hardworking families that we will put their children’s education first,” said Senator Joyce Woodhouse. “It’s time for the Legislature to take steps to cut back on high-stakes testing, update our curriculum to face new challenges for a new Nevada, and move towards a more equitable funding formula that ensures dollars flow directly to areas with the greatest need.”

“The safety and security of children in Nevada is one of our top priorities this session,” said Senator Patricia Farley. “Whether it’s making sure our drug and alcohol prevention programs work more efficiently, protecting LGBTQ and other at-risk youth, or ensuring that our social safety net is adequately caring for kids in need, we will take important steps to protect the well-being of Nevada children.”

Education and children’s issues are major points of the Nevada Blueprint. Announced on February 16th, the Nevada Blueprint is the Senate and Assembly Democrats’ joint agenda to empower hardworking Nevada families.

Monday, March 13th:
AB99 - Establishes protections for LGBTQ youth in foster care - Health and Human Services
SB2 - Revises provisions relating to Nevada’s Safe Haven Law - Health and Human Services
SB201 - Bans the use of conversion therapy on minors - Commerce, Labor, and Energy

Tuesday, March 14th:
SB241 - Establishes a state graduation seal for STEM and STEAM education - Education
SB249 - Requires a financial literacy curriculum in public schools - Education

Wednesday, March 15th:
SB159 - Regulates the sale of certain medications to minors - Health and Human Services

Thursday, March 16th:
SB49 - Removes limits on funding for students with disabilities - Education
SB178 - Implements a weighted funding formula for public education - Education

Friday, March 17th:
SB90 - Creates a student loan refinancing program - Government Affairs

Note: committee agendas are subject to change.