The flood water in Lemmon valley is still impacting residents, where an estimated 91 homes have been affected by severe winter. On Monday, Washoe County and state agencies came together to meet with those families.

Nearly 500 people packed into the Lemmon Valley Elementary School auditorium to get some answers about what is going to be done with the flood waters.

Lemmon Valley residents, like Linda Walls, came to the meeting with questions about the way the county has been handling the flooding event thus far.

"I’ll be asking if they have any ideas about what to do with the lake, so that we might be able to move back into our home," says Walls.

Sam Hicks with the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District says currently his team is gathering all of the resources needed to formulate a plan of action against the flood waters, but they too have questions that need to be answered.

"We're missing a lot of data, we don't have the hydrology data, we're waiting on the army core of engineers, we can't formulate a plan until we know the data that's out there,” says Hicks.

He says for this reason, residents are being asked to be patient while officials continue their search for a solution.

"I want to give them hard facts that’s backed up with statistical data that they can see that's coming from an expert and they can see exactly what we're seeing,” says Hicks.

In the meantime, everyone whose been affected is being asked to take advantage of the aid and resources that are being made available.

Aaron Kenneston, the Washoe County Emergency Manager, says Monday’s meeting and more meetings in the future will serve as a one stop shop for those who need services and additional help.

“Volunteers that want to help, to people that know insurance that know flood response, that get various aid, and housing assistance for animals,” says Kenneston.