On Monday, a new mobile app launched that can help drivers find parking near the University of Nevada campus.

The app is called Instally and it works much like Uber or Airbnb. Private individuals can earn money by listing their very own driveway or extra space around their home, while the Instally app users can then rent out that listed space as a parking spot for a specific amount of time.

Ryan Klekas, the founder of Instally, says the idea came to him when he experienced difficulties finding parking near the Nevada campus.

“On this street, I mean you'd look at it right now, it's packed, I mean there's nowhere to park and if you came here intending to park on this street and you couldn't find parking, you could open the app and park in this driveway and it would take you about 5 seconds," says Klekas.

When users open the app, they drag the pin to the area they want to park and hit find spaces. The app will then bring up the closest or cheapest parking spaces to where people need to go.

Currently parking around the University of Nevada is the only area where drivers can find spaces available through Instally.

Klekas says if the app proves to be successful around campus, he'll look into expanding the app in Reno and possibly to other universities as well.