While some are sick of the snow, this season has been one of the busiest ever for snow removal business.

Crews from Signature Landscapes started scouting properties Tuesday night. The commercial snow removal business waits until 2-3 inches have piled up before sending out its 25-30 crews.

"The crews came in about 3 a.m. and we work until every job is complete," says Phil Petrocco with Signature Landscapes, which does snow removal for 120 properties around Reno. They say this is the busiest year for the company since 2004-05 and more snow is still in the forecast, "The more snow, of course, the more money you make and that stuff. So this large storm that we've had this year, we had our largest January for snow plowing."

With several inches piled up in Northwest Reno, driveways turned into gyms, as residents worked to get the clear ice that had formed under the fresh powder. Kristina Smith is sick of the snow. She moved to Reno about 5 years ago and has not experienced this much snow before, "I'd rather go back to central California and deal with fog. I mean fog where you can't see, than deal with this." Even with a heart condition, she manages to clear off her sidewalks, adding that she wants to remind residents to do the same to keep everyone safe.