Dozens of local soldiers are home again and receiving warm welcomes from family and friends after serving nearly a year in the Middle East. Soldiers from the Nevada Army National Guard returned to Reno on Friday when they landed at the Reno Tahoe International Airport in the afternoon. Their friends, family and comrades gave them a hero's welcome. 

"They were coming down the escalator, I could see his face. He was smiling," watching for her boyfriend, Aimee Bushard was elated to see SSgt Kenneth Falconer. She has been waiting for this moment for 276 days. "He was heading over towards us. I was over the moon."

Falconer and his 422nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion were overseas in Iran and Kuwait for almost a year. 

"It's one of the greatest feelings you can possibly imagine. It's so good to be home," said Falconer, with the Nevada Air National Guard. 

His mother, Gail Falconer added, "As a mom, I'm extremely proud of him. As an American, even more proud."

This was Falconer's fifth deployment since joining the military back in 2002. His family is happy to have him finally home, but they expressed how hard it has been without him.

"I made Kenny make me a promise to come home safe and not get hurt, not get killed. And he did that, so we're happy, very happy," said Gail Falconer. 

After their tearful reunion, it was time to enjoy a night out for dinner. A table full of friends and family joined Falconer's homecoming, to show him just how special he is.

Bushard said, "He's very honorable, noble, intelligent, kind, caring man and I just couldn't be prouder of who he is."

Many other military families across the region were excited to be reunited with their soldiers. More than 100 men and women returned to Nevada, with about 50 from the Reno area.