Douglas County Sheriff’s Office say they have arrested a juvenile who had made a threat to bring a gun to school.

The Sheriff's Office says that on Thursday February 16, at about 7:00 p.m. they received a report that a male juvenile had made threats that he intended to bring a gun to the Carson Valley Middle School on Friday, February 17th and “shoot up the school.”

Officials say a concerned parent found this threatening message that was sent from the suspect juvenile, to their child. Deputies responded to the residence of the parent who had reported the message and met with the parent to examine the phone where the threat was received.

Douglas County Sheriff’s School Resource Officers, and the Douglas County School District further investigated and were able to identify and trace the residence of the owner of the phone from where the threats were being sent. 

Deputies say that when they arrived at that residence at about 8:30 pm, they found a 12-year-old male student that had the phone that sent the threatening message.  Officials say the juvenile admitted to sending the threat but claimed he was not serious.  Police say the juvenile was subsequently arrested for harassment and threatening to use a firearm at a school and turned over to the custody of Douglas County Juvenile Probation authorities.   

Authorities says that the only weapons recovered at the suspect's residence were a BB gun and two knives and that there was no evidence the juvenile ever had a firearm or access to firearms.

The Sheriff's Office says this was an isolated incident that only involved the suspect and the other student he sent the threat to. They say there is no evidence or information to indicate any other threat or danger exists and school is in session as scheduled.