A new approach to fitness has just opened in downtown Reno.  We visited a new club where recovery is just as important as the workout. Walking through his brand-new fitness club “Fizio,” Owner Ryan Evans gives us a show-and-tell of his recovery lounge, "The chairs don't do anything special, but wait until they put on recovery boots."

Evans is a believer in a new concept of physical fitness, and he just realized his lifelong dream at a former antiques store, at the corner of Mill and Holcomb in Reno. How does he describe his place? "Fizio is an athlete performance community. So what I mean by that, is that we offer all sorts of tools for athletes."

The slogan at his new club is “train, recover, repeat”. It's the recover part that got our attention. The theory of recovery being as important as training comes from the Olympic Training Center in Colorado. Evans told us, "At the Olympic Training Center, if you are an Olympic-level athlete you have access to all sorts of recovery tools."

Recovery rooms at gyms are very hard to find. Evans's new club in Reno that opened up just this year is one of the very few. As he told us, "Well it’s very unique. We are the first in Nevada to offer this in a facility."

Think of it as an athlete's hangout…a place where you can recuperate and even socialize after a hard workout, with tools to recover quicker: "Now the boots here, they're like compression socks times a hundred. So they really help with your circulation."

There's an infrared sauna, ice compression, and stimulating device called “Laser Touch One”: "You turn it on, put it over the area and it really helps recovery on a cellular level, and it really makes a big difference."

For customers like Joey Hodges, the recovery lounge is the carrot at the end of his workout stick. As he told us from one of the big easy chairs: "You get to kick back, watch some TV, be a lazy boy and put the boots on. It's great!"

And to be extra inviting, another unique plus. Joey called out, "Hey Ryan, can you grab me a beer?" Yes, a selection of beer and wine in a fitness club. Evans told us, "They've done studies that beer is actually beneficial in helping you recover quicker."

A revolutionary approach to fitness, only in Reno.

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