A consultant group hired by the city of Reno presented their final recommendations to the city council about how to implement a downtown action plan.

Several drafts for a downtown action plan have been developed by P.U.M.A, also known as the Progressive Urban Management Associates, since April 2016.

Because downtown Reno is in a stage of possible redevelopment, Brad Segal with P.U.M.A suggests several changes need to happen in order to make the city a more desirable place to be.

"The University of Nevada campus being much more a part of downtown maybe than it's been in the past,” says Segal. “We've identified a pent up demand for new housing downtown, we do think in this next development cycle, over the next five to seven years, that housing is the strongest opportunity for new development.

Addressing all of these issues couldn't happen at once, so P.U.M.A. has sorted various actions by short term and midterm solutions.

"This plan is more a 5 to 10 year look at downtown," says Segal.

Segal says perhaps one of the most important recommendations to city council would be the creation of a new downtown management organization. This team would serve as a unified voice that could help to improve the experience of downtown.

"They would work to make downtown cleaner, work to make it safer, would market the offerings downtown, would recruit new investment," says Segal.

P.U.M.A has asked the Reno city council to approve a final plan by April 12th.