The weather can play a huge role in farming and other industries which is why DRI launched their weather intelligence platform called WINDS roughly a year and a half ago. Since then, they've come a long ways not only in the research, but now also on the business side of things. 

"Your visit is very timely because we just sold our first forecasting package to a group in California who's interested in the risk of frost in grape growing industry," said Brian Speicher, of DRI. 

They finished the weather testing phase back in December and have since been looking into how to incorporate more earth science into the model. They've also be in touch with several companies. Just like going on the internet, purchasers will be able to go online, enter their login and password. What's important is that each purchaser will have their own specific domain designed for their location. There are a lot of micro climates along the west coast and the WINDS platform essentially makes a forecast right for your location. Not just about the weather but also looking at impacts. 

"Very important to be able to warn grape growers that the next 12 hours overnight you could have something that would damage your crops," said Speicher. 

Utility companies for example would be interested in power outages, which may be caused from a heat wave and excessive air conditioning. 

"There is a wide price range that industry charges, it could be anywhere from $250 a month per location to the thousands depending on what's at risk economically," added Speicher. 

The money earned goes back towards DRI, which is what the knowledge fund is designed for, promoting science while using research for commercial use, which is not only great for science but also great for business.