"It's just really confusing," says Zach Fisher, Senior Leasing Professional for Edge Water at Virginia Lake, "Honestly, who steals a tree?"

Management noticed two 8-10 foot pine trees missing from the corner of the apartment complex at Lymbery and Eastshore drives in Reno. They have been looking for information for two weeks, not only trying to figure out who did it, but how and why. Replacing the trees will cost the complex at least $1000 and the property owners are offering a $250 reward for information leading to the person responsible.

Fisher says he doesn't know what the suspects used to cut down the trees but it may have been a chainsaw. He says the street corner where it happened is the busiest on the complex, so it doesn't make sense that they haven't gotten a single tip on a suspect since the trees went missing, "We've gotten the word out, we have notices posted and that's part of the weirdest thing, is that no one has come in and said 'Hey, I heard chainsaws last night, is everything ok?' Nothing."

The complex has filed a police report but have no idea what the motive was for the person responsible. If you have any information you're asked to call Reno Police at 334-2121.