Construction has started on a shipping container park and beer garden in Downtown Reno, called The Eddy. 

The site is adjacent to the Riverside Artist Lofts, located between Sierra and Virginia streets.

Other than operating as a bar during the evening, The Eddy will be built out of temporary structures to hold outdoor venues and events throughout the day. 

Kurt Stitser, the co-owner of The Eddy said, "It is open to the general public, all ages so it is a family friendly venue that will create a gathering space in downtown."

Shipping containers are the main concept of the project, where the space will be used for farmers markets, outdoor activities like yoga and food trucks. It also converts into a drinking spot for people 21 and over. The owners plan on finishing up construction in the next couple of months, with a grand opening set for mid to end of April.

"Aside from the challenges that we had getting it approved and operational logistics, we just felt that this was the right site for this venue," said Stitser.

The owners of The Eddy plan on leasing the property until 2021.