The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe is working to reopen the lake to recreation while fixing millions of dollars worth of damage. 

The lake has been closed to fishing and other recreation since January 11th due to flood damage. One major issue is to the Pelican Point boat ramp. The amount of sediment left in the lake after the flooding raised the lake bed underneath the docks. The water was too shallow for the tribe to launch its rescue boat so they closed the lake to all boats in case of an emergency.

"We don't have an exact dollar on what the loss is with permits but there is definitely a loss of business," says Tribal Chairman Vinton Hawley, adding that it isn't just businesses that sell fishing permits, but auxiliary business from sales, "With the extent of the damage. The revenue that comes in from permits and recreational use is nowhere near the amount of work that has to be completed."
Repairs to Sutcliffe Drive are just part of the more than $4 million the tribe needs to complete. That doesn't include the more than $7 million in damages to SR-446 between Sutcliffe and Nixon. During the flooding in January, the road was either partially or completely washed out in 11 different places. Crews are replacing the surface of the road while adding more, wider drainage pipes. The Nevada Department of Transportation says the work is about 75% complete.

Tribe officials hope to have the lake reopened for recreation by April. The council is working on a plan to open with limited access, with details announced at the end of the week.

"Any time we can reduce some of that danger down is greatly appreciated on us," says the tribe's emergency manager Donald Pelt, "Because we have a very limited staff with a very limited budget."

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe would like to thank the following: NDOT, TMWA, IHS, BIA, Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, FEMA and the volunteers.