Monday afternoon, Assemblyman William McCurdy II introduced a new bill to incrementally raise the State’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

McCurdy released the following statement about the need to raise Nevada’s minimum wage:

“Raising Nevada’s minimum wage is an important step towards bridging the widening gap between income and opportunity inequality. Local businesses, our state’s economy, and, most importantly, everyday Nevadans will benefit from a pay raise. I spent my career championing home healthcare workers who take care of our parents and grandparents, but make minimum wage and have not seen their salaries increased in almost 10 years. It is time to make the economy start working for working families again. It is time to boost wages to boost Nevada’s working families.”

The proposed legislation would gradually raise the minimum wage by $1.25 a year, making Nevada’s minimum wage $15 an hour by 2022. Nearly 300,000 Nevada workers would see a raise from McCurdy’s bill.