All roads reopened across the Carson Valley on Saturday, including highway 395, which was closed to drivers on Friday because of running water over the roadways.

Some residents experienced flooding up to the door steps of their homes, while others were affected the hardest by strong winds.

Gary Newell is a long time resident of the Douglas County. He says he’s seen storms like the one this February rip through homes in the past. This time around he wanted to do his part and contribute to the clean-up.

“Big winds came along and toppled over this big old cotton wood into the top of this little farm house here," says Newell. “Bring some equipment over here, couple of chainsaws and couple of strong backs, start cleaning up the mess."

The Carson River continues to flow steadily through the area but it’s no longer breaching its banks. Captain Dan Coverley with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office recommends that all residents do like Newell, and use the break in the weather to assess any damage done.

“A lot of trees blew over, tree limbs coming down, loss of power, fences blown over, a lot of damage for residents just from wind,” says Coverley. “Make sure that everything gets repaired and back where it should be, but we just need it to dry out," says Coverley.