When you're stuck in a stormy pattern, mudslides are a big possibility and it's something road crews are having to keep their eye on this winter season.

"We're looking at about 300 yards of material on the side, which decided to wash down a little mud flow," said Pat Day of Caltrans. 

Stranding three cars, the slide along interstate 80 Wednesday night was cleared sometime Thursday morning, but road crews are still staying busy throughout the region. 

"It's been known through these canyons that they have mudflows every now and then," said Day. 

You'll want to check the latest road conditions before heading out. Mudslides can be more dangerous at night. 

"I would definitely try to stay in your vehicle and you do not know if there's more coming at your or not," said Day. 

Road crews in Nevada are staying extra busy too. One of NDOTS latest projects actually is removing a huge boulder that is about as tall as one of their loaders. 

While each case is different, since Monday NDOT has had to remove several of these large boulders along Highway 50 near Cave Rock.  

"What we've had to do is we've had to get local contractors from Sierra NV Construction and what they do is chip away breaking it into smaller pieces dismantling and hauling it away," said Meg Ragonese from NDOT. 

At the same time crews are working to keep people safe in the future as well.

"We're continuing to monitor and we put some concrete barriers there in place to help diffuse those boulders if they do come down," said Ragonese. 

Mt. Rose Highway is another area keeping NDOT crews busy. Mountainous areas are of most concern. 

"It has been a demanding winter," said Ragonese. 

Along with snow, we're just adding mudslides to the list of things we're dealing with.