Local law enforcement says Twentyone Mile Dam in northeastern Elko County broke at about 3 pm on Wednesday.

According to NWS, there is a flash flood warning for the dam break that is in effect until 6 pm on Wednesday for east central Elko County.

Officials say that at about 3:06 pm on Wednesday, February 8, they confirmed the failure of Twentyone Mile Dam already impacting the Gamble Ranch and flooding several buildings.

They say that although the water has slowed, it is still steadily moving toward Dake Reservoir which has the potential to go over the top and could result in additional flooding downstream.

Public and Law Enforcement say there has been significant flash flooding in Montello and the water is continuing to rise, possibly impacting State Route 233, which is already closed.

They say that residents living in or near Montello and downstream of Twentyone Mile Dam and Thousand Springs Creek should take immediate action to protect life and property.

Elko County Sheriff Jim Pitts says there is a direct line into the sheriff’s office for sandbags and for non-emergency calls, the number is 777-2520.

Officials say if anyone is available to volunteer to help fill sandbags, they should also call the non-emergency number.