Parents are worried about the safety of their children because of what they are calling out-of-control speeding in a neighborhood school zone.

There are several stories of close-calls.

"A teacher had to run out and catch the kid because the car almost hit him because they were flying in the school zone," said Tarez Blythe, mother of students at Stead Elementary. 

"I witnessed somebody almost hit [my daughter]...even with the [crosswalk] lights turned red, people just aren't paying attention,” said Kayleen Bryant, also a mother at Stead Elementary. 

Drivers often race through the 15 mile per hour school zone on the stretch of Stead Boulevard that runs parallel to Stead Elementary and O’Brien Middle School. Washoe County School Police say they have increased patrols in the area, but residents and parents insist not enough is being done. 

"When they're around and as soon as they leave it's right back to the same old," said Donald Cordier, Stead resident. 

"There needs to be more police out here to patrol the area,” said Blythe.

“We use our portable radar trailers out there quite often just as another visual reminder to motorists," said WCSD Police Chief, Jason Trevino. 

To try and slow down traffic, the City or Reno installed a pedestrian-activated, flashing crosswalk. There have even been efforts to lessen traffic. Trucks are not allowed in the school zone during drop off and pick up times. Parents say because there isn't enough patrolling, that often goes ignored.

"We can't be there all day, every day. We have 104 schools to patrol,” said Trevino. 

A new report by the Regional Transportation Commission found Silver Lake Road and Stead Boulevard to be a "high crash location" and the most dangerous intersection in the North Valleys. More than 50 crashes happened in between 2010 and 2015, 10 of those involved pedestrians or bicyclists and two resulted in death. 
RTC says they have plans to widen sidewalks and install more flashing crosswalks. Residents are concerned that traffic is bound to increase with more warehouses and homes coming to Stead. 

“Are you going to protect these kids out here as the city grows? We're a part of Reno too,” said Cordier. 

Parents have also gone before the Reno City Council to have the school zone extended past Silver Lake Road. Channel 2 asked Ward Four City Councilman, Paul McKenzie, about the concern and he said in a statement, "We can make new laws and put up new signs, but that won't make a difference if people aren't following them in the first place."

School police want to remind everyone to obey the 15 mile per hour school zones and drive without distractions.