On February 4, 2017, Reno High School brought home the state trophy for a competition called “We the People”

The national program promotes learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We checked in with the team the Monday after their win….

Mr. Clark's classroom at Reno High is buzzing with positive energy.  It's not the latest viral video that has these high school seniors fired up - it's our American Constitution.

Senior Meghan Stettler explains why their commitment is so contagious, "Just being with people who are so passionate about learning and being with people who are so enthusiastic to be here and to do well."

 All this enthusiasm and hard work paid off. This weekend, Reno High came home state champs from the “We the People" competition.

Richard Clark is a Department Chair at RHS and runs the “We the People" program at the school; "The competition itself is a mock congressional hearing, so the students are experts testifying in front of congress."

And they get grilled - cross examined - just like we've seen with recent cabinet nominees in Washington D.C.

"Oh, it's exhausting", says Stettler.

 Now in its 30th year, the “We the People" program was created by an act of congress to try to bring more civic education into our schools. The in-class learning is not just about how our political system came to be, but how it is applied right now.

"A perfect example would be the legalization of marijuana in Nevada and so, even though it's against federal law, we have the ability to use our laboratory of democracy to sort of legalize it and see if the federal government makes any action to get rid of it," explains Andrew Brooksbank, a senior at RHS.

"…and really we're so technical about it that I really learned so much, not only from my studies, but from the studies of my peers and my colleagues"  says Stettler.

 Next, the Reno Huskies will head to Washington D.C. for the national competition.  This is Mr. Clark's 10th year leading the program and he has a wall full of memories that keeps growing.

"It's been a program that had humble beginnings and has grown and grown and grown. Yeah, we've had some success and a lot of fun", says Clark

The team of 26 students, plus teachers and chaperones must now raise $100,000 to cover expenses for their April competition on the east coast.  They are gratefully accepting donations to help pay for the trip.  If you would like to help, Mr. Clark can be reached at rclark@washoeschools.net