It is a trick that can be done in just a matter of seconds, and the thieves who do it can get access to your house. 

Criminals can use a wooden wedge to create a small opening at the top of your garage. They use the hanger to slip through the crack and grab the manual release of the door. Once that is pulled, the garage can open.

Local law enforcement has not seen cases here in Northern Nevada, but there have been cases around the nation. 

Reno Police say there are things you can do to protect your door. 
"If you put metal locks on the side of the doors, it won't open," said Officer Tim Broadway. "There are different places that you can position different pieces of wood thickness that prevent the garage door from opening."

There are also products available to help shield the manual release. Some online videos show a couple of items that can block a hangar from ever reaching a garage's safety latch.

However, if a criminal is able to get into your garage, police recommend to secure items in your garage, like locking your car, and any doors that lead into your home.

"A lot of people have valuables inside their garage," explained Broadway. "But also a lot of people keep valuable unfortunately inside their vehicles because they believe that their vehicle is a safe place."

Reno Police also encourage neighbors to look out for each other. If you something suspicious happening in your neighborhood, be sure to get a hold of the proper authorities.