For some, the Super Bowl isn't as much of a day for football as it is about being with friends or family and eating food.

Roberto Gutierrez with Pizza Plus says business during the Super Bowl is perhaps one of the busiest during the year.

“Just the Super Bowl Sunday is about 1,500 pizzas and we do about 5,000 lbs. of wings," says Gutierrez.

He says that's about a 50% increase in business for the four Pizza Plus locations, in just a single day.

“It's one of the greatest days for pizza, wings businesses all over the country," says Gutierrez.

Pizza Plus has been taking calls for Super Bowl orders well in advance of the big game. Gutierrez says to prepare for such a busy day, the shelves were fully stocked weeks ago and all hands will be on deck Sunday to keep up with the large demand.

"Most of our orders are pickups and deliveries too, I think it's because people would rather stay home to watch the game," says Gutierrez.

There's a rise in local grocery store business as well. Kevin Davis, the store director at the Smith’s in Lemmon Valley, says they will double staff Super Bowl weekend to accommodate for the added foot traffic.

“There's a good 25 to 30% increase in sales from a regular Saturday or Sunday coming into super bowl," says Davis.

He says those sales are primarily on finger foods and snack items, but shoppers are also buying party apparel as well.