From Reno Police Department:

In August of 2016, there were six fatal crashes in less than two weeks which resulted in eight fatalities.  Five of the six crashes involved an impaired driver due to alcohol or combined alcohol and drug influence.

On August 16th, Police Chief Jason Soto pledged to add an additional officer to full-time DUI enforcement.  In October, a third full-time DUI officer was added providing additional coverage over the weekend evenings where incidents of DUI are highest.  In the past four months since the additional DUI officer was added, officers have arrested 40% more drivers for driving impaired.  Here are the arrest totals:

·    10/1/15 through 01/31/16: 248 DUI Arrests
·    10/1/16 through 01/31/17: 346 DUI Arrests

The Reno Police Department remains committed to making DUI enforcement a priority.  Through the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) Joining Forces grant initiative, RPD deploys additional officers throughout the year to focus on arresting impaired drivers.  RPD will seek additional grant funding from the OTS in 2017 to increase its enforcement operations.