A missing dog, lost for seven months in the Sierra wilderness, has finally been found safe. 

Sasha became a local legend, appearing and disappearing, up until two weeks ago. After off-and-on sightings for more than half a year, a couple from Truckee reunited with their German shepherd, Sasha on January 17. It took a lot of help from the community and a stroke of good luck to find her. 

"Not knowing where she was, not knowing where she was getting food, I worried a lot," said Carolyn Magin, Sasha's owner. 

The dog vanished in the summer while staying with a pet sitter in Truckee. Her disappearance happened on June 29, just a day after Magin and her husband, Tom Kulczycki left for vacation. 

"She was trying to find her way home."

Crossing highways and wandering further away, Sasha became lost. Days went by, then weeks and months. 

"I would worry so much when the weather got bad," said Magin as she tried to hold back tears. "It just got to the point where, I just hoped she wasn't suffering. That was my biggest fear."

When Magin started to lose hope, a community of support rallied behind her. They would report sightings of Sasha and help search for the German shepherd. 

But right when Magin and her husband were ready to move on, the unthinkable happened. 

"We were going to adopt another dog, literally the day we found her."

Magin drove over to the park where a woman had seen Sasha by Donner Pass Road. 

"And there she was, up by the fence," said Magin. "I knelt down and I just started calling her. I said, come here Sasha, come here baby girl, come see momma. Sasha circled around and as she got closer, she came up to me and just started to kiss my face and rolled on her back. I couldn't believe it. I just could not believe it."

Sasha couldn't believe it either. It took her a while to recognize her pet parents because of her poor eyesight, but once she realized who they were, her tail wag said it all. 

"She's back home like she never left. It's exactly the same. It is a very happy ending and it doesn't always end like that."

The couple reunited with Sasha, just a day before her adopted birthday. She is 5-years-old. The dog was a little thin after her long journey, but doctors say she will be okay.