From State of Nevada Office of the State Treasurer:

Carson City, NV – In an effort to make the application process more streamlined and parent-friendly, the State Treasurer's Office is reducing its open enrollment periods, moving forward. Spring open enrollment is between February to April, and approved applicants will be first-funded the following August. Fall enrollment is from August to October with first-funding disbursed in February.*

Open Enrollment Periods

Eligible Funding Dates**

Spring: February – April***

August 2017

Fall: August – October

February 2018

*ESA accounts will still be funded quarterly
**Funding for ESA is currently waiting for an appropriation by the 79th Legislature.  As the 79th Legislative Session takes shape, parents should continue to consult for updates.
***Parents with children going into Kindergarten for the first time should apply during spring enrollment in order to be considered for funding in August.