Bishop Manogue Catholic High School has been known for their charity work for a long time, but not on this scale.

“Oh my gosh, we collected over 3,000 shoes,” said Annsley Guillen, Manogue junior.

Manogue students partnered with the non-profit "Think Kindness" to organize a massive shoe drive to benefit orphanages in Africa. Seven students were able to take an extra step and spread the generosity fostered in their own hallways to the hallways of Ghana.

“Our mission was to bond with the kids and create that personal connection with them,” said Guillen. 

Guillen is the philanthropy chair on Manogue's student council. She and fellow junior, Sophia MacLean, helped rally the Manogue community to donate shoes and raise money to go to Ghana with Think Kindness.

“All of them were smiling and having a great time,” said MacLean. “They had so little, but the shoes meant so much to them.”

They have plans to send two more groups of students to deliver the remainder of the 3,000 shoes to other villages. Though the experience to travel far and wide to help others is life changing, they are learning it doesn't take a trip to Africa to make a difference.

“If you have more than other people you should help people with less,” said MacLean. 

“Being able to keep an open mind to those people who do need your help is huge,” said Guillen.