Two sisters at Roy Gomm Elementary School had an idea to help the Washoe County Sheriffs Office K-9 Unit and now the whole school is involved.

Elisee and Adelle Evans wanted to raise money for Washoe County K-9 Partners, after seeing the good work their aunt does with the non-profit. All of the equipment like special collars and bullet-proof vests for the dogs are paid for with donations from groups like K-9 Partners. The girls have created jars to collect money in each classroom for the next week to donate to K-9 Partners.

The unit could add another dog for about $18-20,000, but that is very unlikely. The first priority is a pair of vests for its newest members which cost about $2,500 each. "They don't have a Kevlar vest like the officers have," says Sgt. Phillip Jones with the K-9 Special Operations Division, "and they go in harm's way, so they need those types of vests."

Next up, the unit would like to upgrade the collars the dogs wear. "Right now, the dogs have IR collars. Infrared sensors, so the helicopter can see them from high above." says Sgt. Jones, "But the GPS collar is definitely the next step and they're unfortunately not cheap."

While the exact collars they want to buy is still up in the air, that is not the only road block. Sgt. Jones says there is a monthly subscription with the GPS collars that would cost the unit about $350 a month that they don't have.

Students at Roy Gomm are hoping to help make a dent as it continues a tradition of giving. Principal John Sutherland says last year, some students went to him with the idea of a penny drive to raise money for African children in need. This year's penny drive is for the K-9s. Most importantly, there is no prize for collecting the most money.

"So it's not like you're giving just cause you want to win something, instead of just being nice," says Elisee Evans. Her sister Adelle says they just want to have fun raising money. The spirit of selfless giving makes for one proud principal. 

"It's wonderful," says Sutherland, "You know we teach the reading, writing and math but we want them to be good citizens and good people and that shows that they are."

If you'd like to donate to the Washoe County K-9 Partners click here.