Police say they have arrested a suspect after a stand-off in the area of Crampton Street, east of Wells Avenue.

Washoe County Sheriff's Office says there was an incident on Crampton Street that started at about 2:30 pm on Thursday, January 19.

Washoe County says they responded after receiving a tip that there was a suspect with an outstanding felony warrant inside an apartment building on Crampton.

The suspect has been identified as 22-year-old James Lynch. 

Officials say when they went to arrest Lynch, he refused to cooperate and witnesses say the he was in the apartment and was possibly armed.

Washoe County says they set up a perimeter and evacuated the apartment building as a safety precaution.

Authorities say Reno Police and SWAT then arrived where they continued to try and make contact with Lynch. 

Officers say that just after 4:30 pm, Lynch surrendered where he was taken into custody without any further incident.

Officials say no one was injured and there was another person in the apartment, but this person was not taken into custody.