In business... logistics is the management of items from a point of origin to a consumer. It requires a lot of warehouse space, big-rig trucks and plenty of staff, but the Silver State's business-friendly tax structure can make it profitable. We took a look at its Logistics - a local company that is growing with our strengthening economy.

We push open the doors on this early Wednesday morning to find warehouse workers already busy moving heavy pallets. Simply put - storing goods and hauling them across the country, is what its Logistics does.  They're good at it.   The company, started by three native Nevadans in 1999, capitalizes on the benefits of our region.

Patrick McFarland, Director of Marketing explains; "You can be anywhere on the entire West Coast region of the United States in less than two days by truck , so that’s a huge bonus for us, and that’s why we’ve done so well in this area."

its Logistics has a dedicated fleet of 400 trucks, 600 trailers and 400 drivers, all to move, store and distribute products for hundreds of clients.  Some are huge, international retailers, others are small and local.

In the offices, dozens of employees are fulfilling client orders and working with customers via the phone and internet.

Communication and customer service are vital, as are the 650 employees that keep all the complicated parts moving smoothly.  One year ago, its Logistics consolidated its various warehouses and offices to a 630,000 square foot space off Vista in Sparks.  It was a huge expansion.

"All those new employees, this new structure, this whole new infrastructure we built here in our new location, we really think it's gonna help us press forward in this northern Nevada economy as it continues to grow,” says McFarland.

In downtown Reno, you'll find the company's brokerage division.  The phones are ringing and the energy is high.  They’ve recently expanded as well, now occupying an entire floor at 50 W. Liberty.  This is where, if its Logistics does not own the mode of transportation to move items for a client, they will hire someone who does, anywhere across the U.S.  Expanding from seven employees to 50 in just a few years, freight brokerage is the fastest growing sector of its Logistics.

Manny McElroy is the Director of the Expedited Division: "The mentality that we have here and the workmanship and we're a big team here, I don't see us stopping. We're gonna continue growing each and every year."

Back at the warehouse on Vista, room for growth is also part of the plan as new manufacturers move into town.  "So, we can help those local companies. We have this new facility here, which allows us to - if they need overflow space, if they need local shuttle service, we can help with that…we’re happy to be in this community and we’re happy to be helping other northern Nevada companies as they continue to grow as well.”