Before opening, lines outside of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Reno sometimes stretch around the building, and parking is a nightmare.

Customers wallow in long waits. 

“We've been here for over an hour and still have 50 people in front of us,” said Dale Lake, DMV customer.

Cherie Kemp is also waiting in line. “For simple little things you still have to wait for hours and hours.”

Help could be on the way.

“We're hoping to see a whole new DMV in the next few years,” said Alex Smith, spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Governor Brian Sandoval released his budget proposal Tuesday during his State of the State Address and it included over $42 million for a brand new DMV facility in south Reno. An empty plot of land on the corner of Sandhill Drive and Double Diamond Parkway has been owned by the Department of Motor Vehicles for nearly 15 years.

"[The new location will have] approximately 10 more windows than we have in Reno here. It would also make everything a one stop location for our customers,” said Smith.

One of the biggest problems at the current location on Galletti Way is parking. They've towed almost 600 cars since September 2015 and cited more than 1,500. Illegal parking will likely be a non-issue at the new facility, which is planned to have over 450 spots, triple the number currently causing DMV goers to circle round and round just hoping for someone to leave. 

The approval of funding must first come from the legislature so nothing is for sure yet, but one thing is for sure.

“We've far outgrown the facility. I think it is pretty apparent in the lines we face every day so we need something new,” said Smith. 

The $42 million price tag would be funded through the Highway Fund, not the General Fund, which pays for things such as health care and education.

If approved, the new DMV office would be open early 2019 and the current Reno location would close.