From Waste Management: 

As another storm wave heads our way – WM is getting questions from customers about missed service. We are sharing this information with you.  

Safety is always our priority. If we deem a specific area of a route unsafe for the operation of one of our trucks, we will wait until it becomes clear.  We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers; we’d much rather be collecting trash and recycling as scheduled but I can’t stress this enough: Safety is our top concern.

Our drivers have been working long hours to overcome difficult conditions created by the unusually severe weather. Please keep in mind -  while conditions on one road in a route may be clear, conditions on other roads in the same route may be significantly different. Furthermore, Recycling and Trash routes are different. 

When considering if we can service an area during or after a winter storm, we consider all safety factors. For example, that would include students who are out of school and playing in snowy yards and on sidewalks, icy and hilly roads, and other hazards that come with a storm. As you know, the storm made many streets slick and narrow or soft and muddy. While our drivers attempt to reach as many customers as they can, they sometimes encounter unexpected conditions. In fact, 18 trucks got stuck in snow or mud last week attempting to provide service. That meant lost hours further down the route as they waited to be freed by a tow truck.

All drivers are attempting to complete their routes, but changing weather throughout the day creates a situation where drivers in different areas may experience vastly different conditions, slowing or preventing their progress. As a result, some customers may experience uneven service between garbage and recycling collection.

It’s important to keep in mind, like everyone else, the drivers of our 25-ton trucks (50,000 pounds) trucks must slow down to operate safely in storm conditions. Carefully stopping and starting these large trucks on slick streets can slow a route which takes 8 hours to 12 hours or more. Our drivers are working longer hours to collect entire routes but, due to DOT regulations, they are restricted to 60 hours per week. 

Our goal is to keep customers informed of potential delays and our plans to service their homes and businesses once the storm clears. In anticipation of the latest storm, we issued a release on January 6th stating Waste Management would collect excess waste at the curb this week for all customers who were missed due to inclement weather. That continues to be our intent even as another storm approaches. Credits will not be issued because, as stated above, WM will be collecting excess waste at the curb at no additional charge and without requiring customers to use their Extra Waste Stickers.

Customers with questions about storm delays can find information by going to:
Route information is also available on
Residents are also welcome to call our Customer Service Hotline at 775-329-882, however during our severe storm weather hold times are much longer than usual. 

Residents who are missed during storm weather may report it, but it is not necessary. 

From Waste Management