Washoe County representatives are asking residents who live in places hit hard by Sunday’s flood to assess any property damage that was caused, and are asked to report that damage to the county.

Washoe County spokesman Chris Ciarlo says the county will then take reports of any residential damage caused by the flood to the state. Those reports will then get passed on to FEMA in an effort to receive help from the federal level.

“Garner some funding for this community so that we can receive some federal assistance in the recovery efforts," says Ciarlo.

While there is no guarantee that residents will receive federal assistance, there is a better chance for those who report their damage. Ciarlo says the county needs all the info they can gather from residents since the estimated cost of damages could still be on the rise.

“Right now we're looking at, at least several million dollars in damage due to these storms but that number could go up, there's no question about it," says Ciarlo.

The Sparks Industrial Center is also considered to be one of the hardest hit areas.

Sparks spokesman Adam Mayberry says the damage was kept to a minimum thanks to proactive efforts from many different businesses.

"We credit a lot of it to the responsiveness of our businesses in the industrial area. They inspected eight buildings, only two of them had damage, mainly sheet rock, electrical outlets, those kinds of things,” says Mayberry.

City officials agree that things could've been a lot worse had it not been for the collaborative efforts between regional partners.

Citizens who were the hardest hit by the flooding are urged stay prepared in the event that more storms hit northern Nevada in the near future.

"We feel for them, we're here for them, we're doing the best that we can do and we will continue to do so as this next round of storms come through," says Ciarlo.

People looking to report damage can call 211 or 1-866-535-5654.