CERT volunteers are reminding Nevadan’s how to be more prepared before severe weather hits.

Fritz Mumm is a CERT instructor who says it only takes three simple steps to be ready in case of an emergency.

“Make a kit, make a plan and get informed,” says Mumm.

He says take your time when assembling an emergency kit and don't make unnecessary purchases.

“Don't panic, don't decide that the only way to get prepared is to put a lot of money on your credit card,” says Mumm.

He says think about things that are used every day, like food, water, and medication.

Mumm says then it’s important to make a plan. He says people should have enough to stow away in a home for an extended period of time or enough supplies to leave at a moment’s notice.

“What would happen if I didn't have power right now, if I didn't have heat right now or if I had to leave my house for 3 days or a week and I only had 10 minutes notice, would I be able to do that?" says Mumm.

Lastly, Mumm says to stay informed with the latest weather forecasts and to go through the proper training to learn how to protect yourself and others when a disaster hits.

“We want people to feel capable and confident should there every be a situation that arises where they need to use any of those skills,” says Mumm.

CERT is inviting the community to a free training that begins next Thursday, January 19th at 6 p.m. at the Regional Public Safety Training Center.