From Carson City: 

Carson City is taking the current break in winter weather to address the recovery process. Public Works is leading Damage Assessment teams, which are comprised of Public Works, Parks, Recreation & Open Space, Fire Department and State Division of Emergency Management assessors to evaluate the damage inflicted across the city. Parks, homes, trails and infrastructure, like sidewalks and roads, were impacted. 

In the last several weeks, Carson City has seen a pattern of freeze-thaw temperatures which resulted in pavement cracks and previously filled potholes to break apart and raise, allowing water to enter the subpavement. The recent snow and flooding conditions, along with heavy truck and snow plow traffic broke away the raised areas, causing potholes. Carson City is committed to improving winter damaged roads as quickly as possible. 

As damage assessment teams evaluate loss throughout the City, they are mapping areas of concern. 

Repairs will soon begin in all identified areas, depending on several factors including severity, upcoming weather and workload priority. 

In the meantime, here’s what you can do to avoid potholes and/or damage to your car: 
•  Properly inflated tires hold up better against potholes than tires that have too much or too little air. 
•  If you can’t avoid a pothole, slow down before you hit it, but don’t brake directly over a pothole. Roll slowly through it, holding the steering wheel firmly. 
•  Slow down and leave room between you and the vehicle ahead of you. A great practice normally, but extra space makes it more likely you’ll see an upcoming hazard. 
•  Use caution when driving over a puddle of water or snow because it might be a pothole in hiding. 

Public Works urges residents and visitors to use caution while driving on the following streets, which have been identified for repair: West Washington Street, Mountain Street, Fairview Drive, Carson Street, West Winnie Lane, Stewart Street, and Saliman Street. 

Carson City is expecting a quiet weather weekend, through Monday. High and fast-moving water is still flowing in the Carson River, and banks have seen considerable erosion, making them unstable. The National Weather Service is predicting a milder Atmospheric River in our area next week, and any additional rainfall has the potential to subject Carson City to additional flooding due to extremely saturated grounds. 

From Carson City