On Tuesday, El Dorado County declared a state of emergency when a tier 4 storm created very hazardous outdoor conditions in South Lake Tahoe.

The heavy snow made for very difficult road conditions for not just road crews, but also first responders and residents as well.

Many South Lake Tahoe residents were hard at work on Wednesday clearing off the several feet of snow that was on the ground in their neighborhoods.

Michael Harding is a 3 year resident of the area and he says he can manage getting around the city by walking, so driving in the snow isn’t his biggest concern. He says he’s more worried about how other drivers can handle the snow covered roads.

“You have to watch out for the cars a little bit more, as they call them the flat landers, they tend to slip and slide around," says Harding.

The South Lake Tahoe Fire Department says staying at home is the best thing for residents until the roads are better taken care of.

Chief Jim Drennan says high speeds in the snow and not using the proper equipment has left the department responding to a lot of minor crashes, but he says that hasn't been the biggest problem throughout the city.

“We had 35 calls in a 24 hour period for 2 engines out of the city, that's a lot, most of the calls have been, power lines down, trees into buildings, trees into power lines" says Drennan.