People living in the area of the Virginia Foothills off of Toll Road were hit hard on Tuesday night. Several waterways overflowed and the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District was hard at work protecting homes.

Dodi Robinson was up at 1 a.m. Wednesday with her husband, Jim, trying to stop water from going into their house. This has been a daily practice for them all week, but Tuesday night was the worst they've seen thus far.

“We never saw Toll (Road), we saw water over it, but never all that debris,” said Robinson. 

Just around the corner from their home is Toll Road, which was shut down because of a mud bath of debris and undrivable conditions left behind by a flash flood. Truckee Meadows Fire responded to about two dozen calls in the area as several nearby ditches overflowed.

"Even that run-off we didn't expect last night. They didn't expect to flood. It came out of those ditches again and didn't have anywhere to go,” said Alex Kukulus, Battalion Chief. 

Three different waterways surround this neighborhood, Steamboat Creek, Crane Ditch, and Chandler Ditch so living in this area of the Virginia Foothills is especially challenging when waters rise.

“We're getting everybody's water. We're the lowest part of this area,” said Robinson. 

Luckily there was no interior damage for the Robinsons or other area residents, but the Robinsons are not taking any chances. Around 60 sandbags surrounded their home Tuesday night and they went and bagged more today just in case.

Toll Road was still closed at time of publication (Wednesday, 2 p.m.) and according to Washoe County will be closed for an unknown amount of time.