From The Nevada State Contractors Board

Nevada State Contractors Board wants homeowners to be cautious of unscrupulous and unlicensed contractors when seeking help repairing damages to their home and property.  

Before initiating any flood damage repair, residents should first contact their homeowner’s insurance agent to file a claim. The agent and adjuster can help understand what repairs are covered under the policy and provide an estimated timeline for repairs to be made to the home. Request a list of contractors your insurance provider uses and verify they are appropriately licensed.

Homeowners seeking repairs on their own should always hire a licensed contractor and verify the contractor’s license on the Board’s website: or by calling the Board’s office at 775-688-1141. Contractors must possess a valid Nevada contractor’s license in order to accept any job with a value of $1,000 or more, including labor and materials. In addition, any job requiring a building permit and any electrical, plumbing, heating, or air conditioning job must be performed by a licensed contractor.

“In the wake of a devastating property loss, it is natural for homeowners to feel overwhelmed with the work that needs to be performed on their home to return their lives to normal,” NSCB Executive Officer Margi A. Grein explained. “However, it is these vulnerable times that homeowners can find themselves most at risk for being scammed.  Therefore, we urge those affected to take a moment to verify contractor’s licenses and contact the Board with questions or for assistance during any phase of your contract negotiations or project.”

Hiring only licensed contractors ensures homeowners receive the full protections the Contractors Board offers. If workmanship issues arise with a licensed contractor, homeowners have four years from the date the work is performed to file a complaint with the Board. Licensed contractors have passed appropriate trade competence and legal knowledge exams, undergone a thorough criminal background check and established their financial wherewithal.

It is natural to want to have repairs completed as quickly as possible, but the first concern must be residents’ personal safety. Flood can compromise a home’s foundation, floors and framing, provide environments where mold can thrive and cause other damage not readily apparent.

When searching for a contractor, the Contractors Board advises homeowners to take additional steps to protect themselves:
•       Ask friends, family and neighbors for the names of contractors they have used and trust, but be sure to verify they maintain an active license by the Contractors Board.
•       Get at least three bids to compare costs for service and select the contractor that best meets your needs.
•       Insist on a written contract that details the work to be done, the exact materials to be used, start and completion dates, warranties and the amount and timing of payments.
•       Be skeptical of unsolicited approaches for repair work, free inspections and great deals using leftover materials. 
•       Never pay with cash or let your payments exceed the value of work completed.

To report unlicensed contracting activity, call the NSCB Hotline: 775-850-7838.

From the Nevada State Contractors Board