There was no lives lost during Monday's flood event in Sparks and with water levels dropping, businesses and city crews are cleaning up and assessing the damage.

In less than 24 hours the Truckee river at the gauge in Vista rose 14.5 feet, cresting at 19.5 feet Monday morning between 7 and 9 a.m. The water level was just a foot and a half from "major flood stage."

The river covered the bike bath through Cottonwood park on Spice Island drive, leaving mud waves behind as the water receded. City crews spent the day cleaning, assessing damage and getting everything back to normal. For example, they had to pull out all of the electronics for the traffic signals to keep them from being destroyed by flood water.

Sparks Police "effectively opened" the area to traffic with some streets still closed due to standing or rushing water on the roadway.

"A lot of the water that is still standing primarily comes from the North Truckee drain," says Adam Mayberry with the City of Sparks, "And that storm water runoff from the northern part of the valley."

Darrell Burnett was the victim of one of the later closures Monday afternoon. His company's building shares space with a church to help homeless people. He tried to see if water made it into the building from the edge of the water flooding Deming Way.

"When I first pulled up I didn't assume there'd be water, so I was kind of surprised to see this water here," says Burnett, "Also I thought was worst case scenario, you know anticipated there being a lot water so it's kind of a here and there."

Lane Swall, General Manager of Sierra BMW Motorcycle on Kleppe lane has been through flood preparations before in '05 and '97. He says the city and businesses did well getting ready for the flood.

"They did a great job and all of the local authorities," says Swall, "Sparks Police, everybody involved, did a fantastic job."

Swall installed a pair of webcams in his store to monitor the water levels outside the building from home. Sand bags diverted water away from the doors and back to the street and all the inventory was moved from the warehouse to the showroom to keep dry.  

"We hope that they finish the flood control project, the bypass," says Swall, "So that we don't have to go through this every 10 years"

"We're about a year away from actually completing the project..." says Mayberry, adding that the North Truckee Drain Realignment would lower the flood water of the next event by a foot.

The City of Sparks has opened a hotline for any businesses or residents that need information or resources, just call 353-5555.