City crews are out in full force cleaning up debris that flood waters left behind on roadways.

Autumn Hills Drive in Reno was covered by more than a foot of water Sunday night. Crews came out to clean up what was left behind on Monday. Autumn Hills Drive was just one of about 50 road closures throughout the area. 

Earlier Monday afternoon, city crews were able to open up about half of those closed roads. After the water is gone, cleaning up the sediment and left over mess may prolong closures. 

“We have over 50 guys that are working around the clock to get these roads open,” said Marnell Heinz, Maintenance and Operations Manager with the City of Reno. 

Many of the downtown Reno bridges that are closed need an extra inspection from the Nevada Department of Transportation. They inspect the structural integrity of bridges after flood waters breach the surface. 

Some of the harder hit roads could take up until early next week to reopen. 

Click here for a full list of road closures.