According to the National Weather Service the Truckee River at Vista is nearing, if not reaching, its crest as of 7:15 a.m. 

Looking at the chart, you'll see that the river has reached 19.5 ft and appears to be leveling off. 

At this gauge the Truckee River reaches a major flood stage at 21 feet, moderate flood stage at 18 feet, and flood stage at 15 feet. 

Historic crests include: 

  • 23.9 ft on 2/1/1963
  • 23.7 ft on 1/2/1997
  • 22.7 ft on 3/18/1907
  • 22.1 ft on 2/18/1986
  • 20.4 ft on 12/31/2005

The public is asked to avoid the area. Many roads are flooded making travel dangerous. 

Channel 2 News will be operating near the river as safely as possible and will bring you updates on the river's level. 

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