On Saturday, Governor Brian Sandoval and many local and state agencies took a tour of expected problem spots that could arise during late Sunday and early Monday, when a flood is anticipated to take place in Washoe County.

The groups discussed plans for action near Mayberry Park, the Riverwalk District near downtown Reno, as well as the Sparks Industrial Center near east McCarran Blvd.

“This isn't an if, this is going to happen, and we do have the benefit of knowing that it's going to happen and being able to prepare for this,” says Sandoval.
Fire agencies, police agencies, and emergency management teams are among just a few of the organizations who will be ready to go, prior to, and during any flooding.

"We have the equipment ready to go, we have the cooperation between the state and the local county government and we're doing everything that we possibly can to protect life, to protect homes, to protect kids and to protect all the resources that we have here," says Sandoval.