Unlike in the valley, the biggest concern in Truckee is snow runoff, and potentially clogged drains because of these big piles of snow. When you have a sloped driveway, you can see how the water will run right into the buildings.

Truckee residents and business owners say that's what they are most worried about.

Dave Goldsworthy of Truckee said, "If you have ice that's built up and the edge of your driveways, the water's got nowhere to go because it's just running off the ice and you have a downhill sloping driveway, it's going to flow right into your garage."

In Truckee, a lot of the storm drains are frozen over, and blocked after snow plows came through.

Residents say they're worried about their roofs and carports. As the snow soaks up the rain, it can get very heavy and roofs could collapse.

The Truckee River is still well within its banks, but it is expected to rise about a foot with this rainfall.

Many Truckee residents are filling up sandbags at a local fire station this afternoon and most of them are concerned about the runoff coming down their driveways or local creeks over flowing.

Tracy Berrey, Manager at Sunset Inn  in Truckee said, "We get it from the streets and the drainage isn't great, so we need all the help we can get right now because the melt off is going to be horrible."

Truckee Police say they've already given out more than 30 tons of sand.