With major flooding expected in our region this weekend, the University says they are being cautious and taking steps to minimize potential damage by clearing storm drains, installing flood walls, sandbagging known problem areas, and moving resources, equipment and livestock to higher ground in flood-prone areas.

Many viewers had concerns regarding an evacuation plan for the livestock at the farm at Mill & McCarran.

We contacted the University and learned that nearly 50 university sheep have been moved to the Equestrian Center on Valley Road. The remaining livestock, 400 cattle and horses, have been moved to higher ground of Dairy Hill.

The University wants to remind the public that if an issue arises on campus or a problem area is spotted due to flooding, University Facilities is available by calling 775-784-8020. University Police Services is also available at 775-745-6195 or by calling 775-334-COPS (2677).

Check www.unr.edu[unr.pr-optout.com] for important University updates or changes to campus operations and weather.gov/reno[unr.pr-optout.com] for an up-to-date weather forecast.