When you think of Christmas magic, you think of the North Pole. Tonight, though, all the Christmas magic you'll need is on Mia Vista Drive in Hidden Valley. 

"I really liked the train up on top of the house," said 10-year-old Kaylee Miller. 

"It's joyful," said her older brother, Seth. "It's colorful. It's exciting and give you more excitement to get in the holiday spirit." 

"I like every single light that is on here," said Kieth, another brother. 

The home, located at 103 Mia Vista Drive,  took first place for the Hidden Valley Parade of Lights.  There's a dancing Santa, a Christmas train, countless snowflakes, even a mail box.  

So, who is the young, energetic person responsible for all this hard work? 

"Merry Christmas!" yelled David Roberts, the homeowner, as cars drove past.  

Young is debatable. Energetic is undeniable. Roberts is 74-years-old.

"It makes you feel wonderful," he said.  "Just great. There's no other feeling, except for the day I got married." 

Before we go any further in this story,  I just want to say that Roberts is probably the most sincere man I've ever met. 

"Happy new year. Bye bye,!" Roberts wishes another car. 

Roberts has been decorating his home for Christmas for 47 years. He and his wife moved to Reno in 2005. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of work!       

"It takes a month or more to set up." 

How many bulbs? Too many. How many strands? "Oh, strands of lights," Roberts pauses and can't think of the number. 

On a Friday or Saturday night, David says 500 or 600 cars pass by his Christmas cul-de-sac. 

"It's about one (car) every 25 seconds." 

Watching Christmas lights in Hidden Valley has become generational.  "My wife grew up here and she would come here with her parents and grandparents," said Jeremy Reichert of Incline Village. "We've been out here a couple times just to see the lights."

Roberts has no plans of calling it quits anytime soon. "I'll keep going as long as I can."  He does it for kids. "At least until 90. At least!"

That's what Santa does. He gives so much, just to see people smile. "Just the expression on their faces is worth every hour I put into this," said Roberts. 

I personally have never met the real Santa Claus, but on this night, on this Hidden Valley cul-de-sac, I came as close as I ever will.