Six-year-old Jaryanna Miranda is undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with leukemia last summer, and she's worried about going back to school. "I do not want go to school bald. I'm scared of what people might say." Her mother searched for a wig that would match her daughter's dark brown, curly hair, but couldn't find a good fit. The family couldn't afford to spend $700 to make one custom.

Celebrity hair stylist Hadiiya Barbel specializes in making custom wigs for girls like Jaryanna. Every year she donates one to a child in need. "For me the real celebrities are the little girls that sit in my chair now, that are going through some sort of hair crisis." This year, she chose Jaryanna.

Jaryanna met with Hadiiya and her team at Araya NYC style studio for a consultation. Then they went to work to make Jaryanna's wig look as natural as possible. "How excited are you to get your hair today?" Hadiiya asked as she trimmed the wig to frame Jaryanna's face. It's a perfect fit and Jaryanna is ecstatic! Although she's still getting chemotherapy, Jaryanna is now looking forward to going back to school in January – to show off a gift that will help her fit in. "Do you love it?" "Thank you, thank you."

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