South Lake Tahoe Police are investigating who is placing metal spikes in the roadways, which is causing damage to tires.

Police say the pieces of metal which are being called ‘Ninja Jacks’ have been popping up all around South Lake Tahoe.
Investigators say they've received at least half a dozen reports from citizens who had their tires sliced just in the past week including an Uber driver who had her tire punctured this week.

"It's the same color as the pavement so you can't pick it up if it's laying around,” says driver Kimmi Phelps.

Police say they don't know who's placing the spikes in town, but they know they're everywhere and not in one specific area.

"This is out of the norm, we haven't had activity like this before. This is vindictive,” says Officer Doug Sentell.

They're asking anyone with information to come forward and call South Lake Tahoe Police at (530) 542-6100.

To remain anonymous contact Lake Tahoe Secret Witness at 530-541-6800. Secret Witness is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case.