Being one of the fastest growing housing markets, selling your home in Reno  is different than what you might expect. The Reno housing market is booming, but it is not going to stay that way forever.  It is recommended that you sell now, as more houses will be built in just the next few years all over Northern Nevada. So, what should you expect once you have listed your Nevada home?

1. Listing, Signs, and Lockbox

Most real estate agents will list your house in the Multiple Listing Services. The service informs all of the other agents about your house being for sale. You will also have a for sale sign placed in your yard. A lockbox will also be added to your front door, to allow real estate agents in to show your property when you are not home.

2. Open Houses

With the Reno housing market booming, your real estate agent will want to have open houses soon after you have listed your house. This is a great way to get potential buyers into your home.

Brokers’ open houses could take place during a work day. Brokers’ open houses allow agents and their clients to see your home. Public open houses are most times handled on Sunday and are open to anyone.

During an open house, it is best if you are not home. The reason is that buyers and agents want to have the freedom to look around and make comments and notes, without the fear that you will get upset or mad. If you are home when an agent or buyers come to view the house, you should try to step out to allow them to tour the house.

It is possible that your house will sell without an open house. However, open houses can be a great way to gain exposure.

3. Patterns of Traffic

Most homes will get the most amount of traffic during the first week to three weeks after the house is listed. Most homes in the U.S. will sell within 90 days. The time varies on a lot, but with the Reno housing market booming, most homes are selling in shorter time periods than the national average.  

Since the Northern Nevada housing market is changing, you may want to sell now. However, you will need to put some work into your home to have it sell in a short time period. Your home needs to be ready to show before you list it, as agents are going to want to show the property soon after the listing. An experienced real estate agent can help you list and sell your home quickly.