FoodMaxx held its grand opening, Wednesday morning, at the Ironhorse Shopping Center in Sparks. The 47,000-square foot space was previously occupied by its parent company, Save Mart. It closed nearly five months ago, in order to renovate the store with concrete floors, configuration and new signage.

"We're putting the finishing touches on everything," Nannette Miranda, Spokeswoman for Save Mart Companies said on Tuesday. "We still need to stock up on some shelves, we need to put prices on the items, and we have a big party tonight for our employees to celebrate our coming to northern Nevada."

This is the first FoodMaxx in Nevada, and a second location will open in Carson City on December 7. The supermarket chain is known for its low food prices. Frank Capps is the company's general manager, who says he wants the chain to be known as a cheap place to grocery shop.

"That's a badge of honor for us, to be called cheap because that's what we do," Capps said. "That's the only thing we do. We're price. You're not gonna come in here and get a lot of service. It's very minimal service. You're gonna bag your own groceries."

The store is opening just in time for Thanksgiving. Turkeys are on sale for 19 cents per pound if you buy $50 worth of goods. The Wall of Value is at the front of the store, offering the best deals in the building. This week, most of those items are used for Thanksgiving dinner. Capps says the company finds creative ways to drive costs down, including delivering food by the truckload.

"We bypass any costs that we can," Capps said. "We go around our own warehouse at times. We buy directly to the store. We buy in large quantities and we just work on a reduced margin."

Capps refers to FoodMaxx customers as "MacGyver Shoppers" who have a "do it yourself" mentality. He says there is a demand for this type of low-cost grocery store.

"That gives us the opportunity to come in here and satisfy a need that wasn't met before," Capps said.

FoodMaxx will employ 70 people. Capps says they will receive good wages and full benefits. Many have already started, getting the store ready to go for Wednesday's 9am grand opening.

"You can't be always the lowest price on something," Capps said. "Someone's going to beat you but what they can't have is our people. Our people's like our secret sauce. They make us different and that's really, to me, that's what I'm the proudest of."

Officials are hopeful that the return of a grocery store will bring in more foot traffic to the shopping center. 

"It's been our experience that when we open a new store in a shopping center, that it brings in new foot traffic and other stores get the idea that maybe they're a good fit for the shopping center," Miranda said.

Target had been the anchor store in the Ironhorse Shopping Center before it moved to Legends in October, 2008.  The 105,000-square foot building has sat vacant, ever since. There is ongoing communication with potential tenants for the former Target space, but it could be reconfigured into several smaller spaces.

FoodMaxx's first store opened in October 1986 in Bakersfield, California.